Top ten ways I spend/waste time:

10. fashion magazines

9. e-mail

8. running

7. novels

6. Facebook

5. daydreams

4. browsing photography websites

3. anything Adobe (photoshop, illustrator, indesign, dreamweaver…)

2. baking

1. browsing etsy

Maybe not in that exact order…and actually, looking back through the list some of it isn’t time wasted, but instead time well spent.  Whatever the case, the point of this post is that




If you haven’t heard of etsy, then you have been missing out.  It is the, THE online marketplace for handmade and vintage goods.  of ANY and EVERY kind.  You can buy cookies, retro sunglasses, handmade custom ceramics, clothes, bags, hair pieces, paper goods, artwork, jewelry and just about anything else handmade you can imagine.

I am obsessed.  I could (and do) spend hours at a time browsing etsy to see what fun finds are awaiting me.  I thought that since I get such joy from my etsy finds, that I should share some with you.

Because of the nature of my job, I tend to look at wedding related items, and let me tell you, you could furnish an entire wedding from etsy.  dress, veil, shoes, ties, gifts, food, cake stands, jewelry…and the list goes on.  So, with that in mind here are a few of my FAVORITE wedding finds!  Hope you enjoy!

1. Custom Wedding Dress

2. INCREDIBLE birdcage veil (there are a thousand different kinds to choose from on Etsy)

3. Precious Shoe Clips (these clip onto the toe of any shoe to jazz them up a bit for a wedding)

4. Beautiful Pearl Necklace

5. Unique pearl earrings

6. Beautiful antique parasol (can’t help but think as a photographer…this would make INCREDIBLE pictures!)

7.  Wedding Cake Stand (with your wedding date engraved!)

8. Lovebird favors (made of birdseed)

9.  Beautiful Handmade Soap Favors (in your colors!)

10. Sweet Butterfly place cards (so unique!)

11. Save the Date Cards

12. Alphabet Rolling Stamp (for anything!  Invitations, guest book, decorations…)

13. Cotton favor bags with text

14. Cupcake Toppers (for a shower or reception)

15. “Better Together” Banner (SO fun!)

April wedding dress by AmyJoTatumBridalpin this

lovely veil by brendasbridalveilspin this

Sweet flower shoe clips by bpoeticpin this

pearl necklace by violet delightpin this

unique ruffle earrings by Evrydikipin this

vintage parasol by archiviapin this

Custom Cake Stand by vesselsandwarespin this

birdseed favors by twobirdsinlovepin this

Soap by myotherprincesspin this

butterfly place cards by Timelesspaperpin this

lovely save the date cards by maidavalepin this

rolling stamppin this

favor bagspin this

cupcake topperspin this

bannerpin this

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