farmer’s market (la feria del agricultor)

Saturday has always been a pretty fantastic day, right?  Football games, cook-outs, dance parties, dinner parties, friends, weddings, concerts…and so many other fantastic things happen on Saturday.

Well, I thought Saturdays were already pretty fab, however since we moved to Costa Rica my Saturdays have taken on a whole new level of awesomeness.

buying producepin this

The street is closed off to through traffic and packed with people.  The cool mountain air is filled with the sweet smell of tropical fruits and fresh produce, market bags rustle, a vendor weighs a bag of potatoes, and a nasal voice yells above the crowd “Mango!  compre su mango!  Tres kilos a Mil!  Compre su mango!”  The music of the marimba floats up as market-goers dance down the street.  Baskets fill to the brim with every kind of produce and local product imaginable and I can’t help but pause to take it all in with a smile of contentment that you couldn’t wipe off my face if you tried.  (the dancing down the street my be a slight exaggeration, I guess that only happens in musicals…)marimbapin this

Saturday is the farmer’s market or la feria del agricultor and well, frankly there aren’t words to describe its sheer amazingness.  That’s why Josue took some pictures when we went this week, to give you just a taste of what we LOVE.find Susannah!pin this

our lootpin this

Our loot (that we carry by the armful to the car because we STILL don’t have a market basket):  1 papaya, 2 pineapples, 3 eggplants, 4 green peppers, 8 yellow peppers, 4 avocados, 1/2 yuca, 1 ripe plantain (maduro), 2 green plantains, 1 lb of strawberries, 4 tomatoes, 4 potatoes, 1 bundle of fresh basil, 1 bundle of fresh mint, 1 head of broccoli, 6 monster carrots, 2 onions, 2 zucchinis, and 20 juicing oranges.

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  • Daniel - Sussy, Great comment, I love it. It makes me want to get up early on Saturday to go to the “Feria” (you and Josue know how hard that is coming from me)

    The article describes exactly what happens there and the photos are AWESOME.

    Great Job.

  • Vale - Nicw pics!! Viva Costa Rica! :)