Portraits with Perry

As you may know, Costa Rica has quite the tropical climate and is thus friendly to many unique species of wildlife.  The even more exciting part is that we get to share our home with many of them!  Some are pleasant and silently co-exist with us while others are not so pleasant and we fight a constant battle (the ants, oh the ants– there will be another post soon to discuss the ants).

Well, a recent addition to our home is this little fella, Perry!  He’s quite shy and mostly keeps to himself.  I happen to catch him out and about the closet a few days so we did a miniature portrait session.  He is a bit squeamish in front of a camera but really, he looks fantastic, right?

colorpin thissepiapin this

Anyways, as anyone who has ever lived with a photographer could tell you, he’ll just have to get used to it!

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