Dinita y Neto: Day After Sneak Peek

I am SO SO SO excited to share just a peek from today’s day after shoot with Dinita y Neto!  Due to weather and unfortunate timing circumstances our time for pictures yesterday was almost non-existent, so being the incredibly awesome in-laws they are, they made the time today to do a quick day after shoot with us…in the POURING rain!  What started with nervous smiles and umbrellas ended with uninhibited laughter and some very wet, dirty wedding clothes.

Dinita y Neto, los queremos un MONTON!  Thank you SO much for making the time for this shoot…we had a blast.  Enjoy these next few days to the fullest.  We wish you the absolute best!

And so it rainedthe DOWNPOURpin this

but they laughedlaugh and lovepin this

and despite being drenched by the downpour, they looked FANTASTIC

sweet kisspin this

SO many more to come…check back soon!

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