Wet Shoes and Full Hearts

If you saw the most recent post from Dina and Neto’s day after shoot the wet shoes part may make some sense.

Last night we got back from El Salvador after a very busy 12 days of wedding preparations, family dinners and multiple photo shoots with Josue’s family as they prepared for his sister, Dina’s wedding.  When we finally got back to our sweet little apartment I walked through the door and collapsed in exhaustion into our own cozy bed.

Josuepin this

Today we have been catching up on laundry, cleaning, work and groceries and slowly unpacking our suitcases.  As the sun poured through our dining room window and that cool Costa Rican breeze rustled papers on the table I basked in the joy of home.  Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE to travel and I LOVE spending time with family more than anything, but there is nothing like home.  It was a exciting realization, that finally, after three plus months of living in Costa Rica it feels kinda like home.  The white tile floors (that drive me absolutely insane), our cracked coffee pot, the green curtains, our handmade wooden dining room table and our painfully rickity bed are all blocks that fit together to make up our home.  Our life together here.  As Thanksgiving approaches I can’t help but count my blessings.  God has provided time and time again continuing to reveal to us his love and grace.  We are so blessed.

Below are a few pictures from our trip to El Salvador!

We drove up the volcano Boqueron one day and it was extremely chilly and foggy!  We could hardly see the road:

fogpin this

There is a lovely lookout point that looks over San Salvador that has this small structure for people to sit and enjoy some hot chocolate and the view.  It seem to be a popular spot for couples.

Lookout point loverspin this

We ate at a beachside restaurant called Beto’s, and though I’m not a seafood fan I had the best ceviche I’ve ever tried there!

seaside restaurantpin this

The upper deck where we ate had these neat sail looking things shading us from the direct sun

sailspin this

Josue and mepin this

A shot of the complete Galan family!

Galan Familypin this

We did a quick tour of downtown San Salvador.  We went into the national theater (which is beautiful inside) and asked to see the actual theater but were unsuccessful due to a play in progress (at noon!)

at the theaterpin this

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  • Rachael - I totally LOVE the last pic of the two of you – Josue’s face is priceless and you look as beautiful as ever with those braids in your hair. Looks like you had a great trip!