Shannon: Bridal Portraits

There are few things I love more than the glowing smile on a bride’s face when she puts on her wedding dress.  I love the excitement in her eyes and the contagious joy that illuminates every room she enters.  I love how people can’t help but stare.  I love the way her eyes twinkle and how they seem to keep smiling for her even when her mouth is taking a break.

I LOVE bridal portraits.  There are SO many good reasons to do them and hardly any reasons not to!  Let’s think about this, brides.  You spend exorbitant amounts of money on the dress. THE dress.  You dream about that dress for yeeeears, since you were a little girl going to other big girls’ weddings, THEN when your day comes you wear it.  Once.  And Oh and HOW that day flies by.

So why not wear it twice?  Why not put it on a few days before the wedding and allow your photographer to capture a few extra shots of you in all your fairytale dream, princess glory?  Yes, there is a slight possibility that your dress may get a little dirty, but as a photographer, I solemnly swear to do EVERYTHING in my power to keep your dress pristinely white until you walk down that aisle.  I’ll sit on the ground to check if it’s wet, I’ll throw my own white sheet in the mud for you to stand on top of it, and if there is no one else there, I’ll personally carry your train so it doesn’t drag in the dirt.

Getting to wear your princess dress twice isn’t the only good reason to do a bridal session.  It is a really good opportunity for you as the bride to do a full trial run of hair, make-up, shoes and undergarments to be sure that everything is p-e-r-f-e-c-t for your wedding day and to know how much time to give yourself to get ready.  (EVERY bride underestimates preparation time).  Need more reasons?  You get dreamy pictures of you, glowing in your beautiful dress.  And, all of the sudden it all starts to feel real.  That day that you’ve been tirelessly planning for months, maybe even years, has finally arrived and so soon you’ll get to see your Prince Charming at the end of the aisle.

All that said, I want to share more of Shannon’s bridal portraits.  Considering the fact that she is absolutely GORGEOUS, wore an incredible wedding gown and picked a perfect spot for bridal portraits, I can take very little credit for how beautiful these images turned out.  We did Shannon’s bridal shoot the evening before her wedding at Shaker Village outside of Wilmore, Kentucky.  The weather had been cold and rainy all week, but being the awesome bride she was, Shannon said she was still up for pictures, and as if perfectly planned, just a few minutes after beginning the shoot the sun decided to grace us with her beautiful, soft orange light.

Shannon, it was such a joy to do your bridal portraits.  Your smile has always been special and your laugh so contagious.  Thank you for the joy you’ve brought to my life on so many occasions, and thank you for allowing me to have such an intimate part in your wedding as your photographer.shannon set 9pin thisshannon set 10pin thisshannon set 6pin thisshannon set 5pin thisshannon set 4pin thisShannon055pin this

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  • Jen Creed - Absolutely stunning!

  • Rachael - WOW! I was teary-eyed just reading your beautiful words before I even saw the pictures. You truly have a gift with words as well as photography. :) These shots definitely are breathtaking!