Christmastime, and life lately!

I know, I know, I just might qualify for the world’s worst blogger award.  New Years resolutions are coming soon and I fully plan on one of them being a blog commitment.  (Is it bad I’m planning resolutions ahead of time?)

It’s been a surprisingly busy last few weeks leaving me with lots of thoughts to process, cleaning to do, pictures to edit and so so so many thanks to give.  A few weeks ago we celebrated Thanksgiving, and though it wasn’t my first Thanksgiving away from home, it was my first time hosting Thanksgiving.  Josue and I had the joy of having two of our closest friends share Thanksgiving with us.  Anna (my dear friend here) and I baked our first turkey quite successfully and celebrated the smallest Thanksgiving either of us had ever experienced.

As Christmas approaches it’s hard not to miss family more each day.  Seeing all their smiling faces crammed around the webcam on Skype Thanksgiving day meant the world to me…technology is truly amazing.

As I read a steady flow of facebook statuses about cold weather and snow I find myself wishing it was a little cooler here.  As a Kentucky girl I always have and always will relate Christmastime to cold weather, and in case you didn’t know, Costa Rica stays fairly warm year-round.  Our daily average temperature is probably in the 70s with a nice breeze and lots of sunshine.  I know, I shouldn’t complain.  I just can’t help but count down the days ’til Josue and I get to head north for the holidays to spend it with my family.  It has been quite a few years since my whole family has been together for Christmas and so this year my grown up Christmas wish (a little shout out to Amy Grant) is simply that.  To get to spend a few days with my whole family… all 4 siblings, 3 spouses, 1 girlfriend, 2 neices and 2 nephews.  Last year some of us got to head to Denver to visit my oldest brother just after Christmas since he couldn’t make it home.  We got an incredible surprise snow storm and spent an entire day at a park having snowman contests and snowball fights and laughing until our smiles were frozen on and our sides hurt so bad we couldn’t stand up anymore.  And since I vowed to always include some sort of image with my posts here are a few pictures from that family snow day!

snowball fightpin thisfamily snowdayblgpin this

Other than the hustle bustle of cooking and cleaning that surrounds Thanksgiving, the other large event that has contributed to the craziness of the last few weeks was the putting together all the details for a party…a God-ordained, miracle-covered, beautifully blessed party.  You see it wasn’t your typical party.  It was a party held at the border (literally in no-man’s land) between Costa Rica and Nicaragua for young girls who “work” the border area.  To make one incredibly long, beautiful story short for the sake of the blog, God clearly called Anna and I to work with these girls at the border.  So we’ve been taking short trips to the border every so often establishing relationships with important government officials in immigration, customs, the police force and other government positions.  Last week was the culmination of all the planning going on for the last few months, but just the beginning of what God is going to do at that border!  For more detailed information check out Anna’s blog, and to see some pictures check out Nina’s blog (an awesome photog/friend/fellow Christian who came to help out with the fiesta)!

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