Happy Birthday, Josue!


So you totally get the best husband in the world award :).  As I’m typing this I’m watching you scrub our floors on your hands and knees…I mean seriously, who cleans the house on their birthday?  You…because you didn’t want to leave the whole mess to me.  And that little act says so much about how you live and love.  Thank you for showing me what it is to love selflessly.  It’s been an amazing 134 days of marriage and it’s so exciting to think that we have a lifetime ahead of us!

I remember the day you walked into my life…October 28, 2007…the same day Rach said to me, “Now don’t you go fall in love, ok!”  and I promised her I wouldn’t…well I guess not all promises can be kept.  I’m so so so grateful that God made you, and for how he has intertwined our lives.

I. Love. You.

Yo. Te. Amo.


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yeah…I pretty much adore him. :)

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  • Vale - A tear of joy came when I was reading this! Love u guys! you are greeeeat! :)

  • Rach - yeah, it’s probably a good thing you rarely listen to me. :)