After an incredible, yet exhausting time in the states I am now officially back in Costa Rica.  I got in late last night, and barely made it to the store to grab some apples and ramen noodles before collapsing into bed.  And today I got to sleep in!  Today was a perfect day in Costa Rica…the kind that you wish you could stop time and take it all in.  I woke up to the sun on my face as the curtains had wiggled out from where we keep them wedged behind the bed, and were flying high parallel with the bedroom ceiling.  The wind swept in with the sunlight and I rolled over for another hour of sleep.  Oh yes, life is good.

When I finally did get myself out of bed I took a luxurious run around Santo Domingo and took in the beautiful sunshine and cool breeze.  (One unwritten New Year’s goal is to be healthier this year, so here’s to beautiful days for running).

I spent a lazy afternoon sipping my favorite tea and browsing photography and wedding blogs, and chatting online with my hubby.  He is still in the States due to last minute flight changes made by the airline, AND will unfortunately have to spend the night outside security in the Charlotte airport because of those stinky flight changes.  I’m ready for him to be here so we can cook dinner, watch late night movies and go to the farmer’s market together.  This sweet little apartment doesn’t feel much like home without him.

And since I’m feeling all nostalgic now AND I just got all my wedding pictures, here’s a fave:

pin thisphotography by the awesome Jeff and Christina Gora of Catana Photography

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