Teatime (part II)

I am SO excited to share with you some of my favorite tea accessory finds!  I’ve seen many cute tea stores (online and storefronts) in my lifetime and I never cease to get excited about a cute teapot, cozy, teaball or something else fun…so please enjoy what I have for you today!

(in no particular order)

1. Tea Love — Organic Crocheted Mug Cozy by Knitstorm on Etsy (SO stinkin adorable…I want one!!!)

2. Circle Chic Yellow Teapot by Mikasa

3. Fancy a Brew dishtowel by Anthropologie

4. Snap Open Tea Infuser by Copco …snap it over the top of your cup, put loose tea in, pour water over and voila!

5. T-Sac disposable tea filters (they´re fantastic!)

6. ´Chambord` Thermal Carafes by Bodum (take your tea in style!)

7. Tea Straining spoon by Williams-Sonoma

8. Constance Teapot

9. Modern Teapot by Umbra on Velocity Art And Design

10. Fleur De Lys Sugar and Creamer by Anthropologie… I adore.

11. Scenic Mug by Anthropologie

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  • Mary Lewis - Susannah I love your tea pot posting. Bonnie will LOVE them too.

    Is there any way we can get a CD of Bonnie’s pictures? Or at least another set of very detailed instructions on how to view/download them on your web sight:). I would greatly appreciate! Love Mary

  • C.M. Gora - I am so ordering that mug cozy!!