my yellow melon

So living in a tropical country has sooo many exciting benefits, especially for someone who has lived most of her life in Kentucky.  One of those most  DEFINITELY is all the exciting fruits and vegetables here.  On our weekly trip to the farmer’s market I delight in asking Josue over and over again, “what’s that?” as I point to some funny looking, new fruit (or vegetable…most of the time I don’t even know which it is).  To which his response usually is either “I don’t know” or “I don’t think that has a name in English” …how fun!  So, every once in a while I like to try bringing something new home!

This week, since we missed the farmer’s market because we didn’t get back to Costa Rica until Sunday I was forced to go to a nearby produce stand run by a local farming family.  As I parked my car in front of their colorful fruit stand, the first thing I saw was this incredibly bright yellow ….something.

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I wasn’t quite sure what it was, but I knew I wanted it.  So I headed straight to the crate of yellow somethings, sorted through them with authority looking for a “good” one (as if I knew what I was looking for) and placed it my market bag.  As I was paying I thought maybe I should ask the lady what exactly it was.  She smiled graciously (I can just imagine what she was thinking) and said, it’s a melon…of course.  And I responded quickly, “oh yea, that’s what I thought…I was just making sure” (bahaha…as if I knew).

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Well, with the knowledge I have of melons I knew it wasn’t ready to cut, considering it was rock hard.  So I waited one day.  Every time I walked in the kitchen I glanced in it’s general direction, each time tempted to cut it open.  Well, my patience certainly didn’t last long.  Like I little kid, the excitement and curiousity grew and grew and not 48 hours after buying my yellow melon (but I’m telling you, it felt like weeks) I couldn’t hold it anymore, so I cut my melon!  Unsure of exactly how to cut (or peel it) I cut it down the middle then cut the peel off like I do with papaya (which, looking back, I’m not sure was the most efficient way of doing it) then cut it into little pieces.  I couldn’t even wait to cut it into small pieces to try it (I know…ridiculous), but as soon as I peeled a part of it, I bit right in (to half of the melon).

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It was certainly not ripe…it needed at least 3 if not more days to ripen.  However, despite the crunchy outside the inside was incredibly sweet and considerably softer.  Next time I’ll have to try it when it’s actually ripe :)

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  • Vale - jajajaja esos melones son de lo mejoor! son deliciosos…claro cuando estan maduros :)