banana pancakes with choco chips

You might say to your self, “choco chips?  she means chocolate chips, right?”  Yeah, I do.  But in Spanish, they’re just choco chips.  And it just so happens that one of Josue’s and my faaaaaaaaavorite meals is a lazy breakfast of pancakes with bananas and choco chips cooked in them with honey on top and a fresh fruit smoothie (which Josue so cutely says smoodie).  I know, be jealous.

So this is how it looks.  Josue rolls out of bed and I roll back over deeper in the blankets.  He looks at the clock and informs me that we have 2 and a half hours before we need to leave for church and I groan that that is mooooore than enough time for me to sleep 2 more hours.  Then he says the words.  Banana choco chip pancakes.  And like magic I’m wide awake and on my feet, headed to the kitchen.

We have gotten into the habit of making our delicious pancake breakfast on Sunday mornings, and I love it.  I love it for so many reasons…firstly because I loooove food.  and I looooooooove my husband (I guess he should come first on the list, but he did get more o’s in the looove).  and I looove weekends, and church, and relaxation, and lazy breakfasts with fresh fruit smoothies and the love of my life.  and I love as we build our new life we are making our own new traditions…together (even if it is just pancakes on Sunday morning!).  It warms my heart a little to think that we might continue this future for years to come.

Josue is the smoothie expert in the family and I take care of the food (for the most part), however pancakes is absolutely a team effort.  You see, I’m a terrible flipper.  TERRIBLE, like when i try to make an omelette, pancake or anything else that requires flipping in a pan it usually ends up one of three places: on the floor, on the stove or in a messy looking ball in the pan.  So I pour the batter, prep the pancake and hand the spatula to Josue, who always, in perfect timing, flips the pancake effortlessly and uneventfuly in the pan (all of it stays in the pan!).

Here’s to a beautiful way to start a Sunday morning, and here are some pictures to make you drool a little bit more.

The ingredients (funny, all yellow):

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The choco chips (before adding the banana)

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The flipper…he takes his job seriously.

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Post flip:

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mmmm, perfect!

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