Reflections from my morning run

In just leaving my sweet little apartment, I could make a very long list of interesting reflections about Costa Rican life, however today I will just discuss briefly my morning run.

It was a BEAUTIFUL morning…perfect with sunshine and a cool, crisp breeze…the kind that makes me want to keep running for hours (the sensation is rare for me).

My runs are quite the excercise routine, because not only do I run, I am required to do a number of impressive hurdles.  The sidewalks (and streets) are anything but conducive to running (or driving, really) with large manholes along the way, leaving me no choice but to hurdle between running strides.  On top of the obstacle of the man holes, there is the issue of dog doo.  In Costa Rica, the pooper scooper does not exist…that I am aware of.  So, the stray dogs as well as domesticated dogs do their business mid-sidewalk, and the owners never take a second glance (except to step over it and leave it for the innocent runners to dodge.  So, as I leap over manholes and hop over dog doo, I don’t get many chances to take my eyes off my feet.  However, on the rare stretch of clean, flat sidewalk that I do get to look up at the world around me, there is so much to take in.  I love the flowers that cascade over the walls that guard the houses, and I love the random patches of coffee plantation squeezed between houses.  I quite enjoy people-watching, however I quite dislike being the one watched (which being a blonde in Latin America, is the story of my life).

This morning, as I rounded a corner and glanced up from my feet, I saw quite an odd site.  A happy white dog on a leash prancing along next to it’s owner, with it’s tail held high in the air.  However, that puffy tail that should have been white was PURPLE!  And as I drew nearer I saw that all its feet were purple too!  And on top of that it was wearing a PURPLE shirt!  (Please keep in mind that the owner walking the dog was a burly man).  I slowed my pace a bit to get a better look, and as I closed in on the purple dog and its owner it clicked.  The purple shirt was actually a soccer jersey for the San Jose soccer team.  The poor dog had been forced into being the family Saprissa mascot.  They are serious about soccer here.  (almost as serious as Kentuckians about our basketball… :)

The other thing that stood out to me this morning was actually a really touching scene…so beautiful that I kicked myself for not having my camera with me.  Just around the corner from our apartment, I came across two men walking together.  One man seemed to be leading the other.  As I came closer I saw that one man had his arm on the other man’s shoulder and in his other hand a white cane to feel the path ahead of him.  He was blind.

In a day and age where the attitude is so often every man for himself it is incredibly refreshing to see people help one another…in big and small ways.

What is the value of a life lived solo?  We validate our life experiences through the people we share them with, and I don’t know where I would be now without the people who have allowed me to lean on them at some point in my life.

It made me stop for a moment and think about how incredibly blessed I am to have an incredible husband, friends and family to do life with.  So, thank you.

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