Susannah and Janice

So since being married and learning to be much more domestic than I’ve ever been in my life, I’ve taken up cooking.  Not like gourmet or anything, just your basic breads, soups, salads and casseroles.

My late grandmother was a whiz in the kitchen!  When she wasn’t out traveling the world, spending money at the mall or making phone calls to QVC (she LOVED QVC…if there had been internet shopping in her day, she never would have left the computer) she was in her kitchen, creating something delicious (heavy in butter and/or cheese) to share with her loved ones.  She was an incredibly vivacious woman…she had the most contagious laugh and a smile that could light up any room.  I’ve been told one more than one occasion that I’m a lot like her, and I take that as a huge compliment.

A few years ago, my aunt spent long hours at her computer scanning each handwritten recipe card from my grandmother’s recipe box into the computer and made a CD for the grandchildren.  What a gift!  Well, I’ve decided that in honor of my need/desire to develop skills in the kitchen (and my LOVE of good food) to do my own version of Julie and Julia only it’s Susannah and Janice …I know, it doesn’t have quite the same ring.  :)  So, I hope to be attempting one recipe a week from Mimi’s (my grandma) recipe box, and blogging about it…recipe, picture and all!

This week I started with her Scotch Shortbread Recipe.  The recipe is as follows:


1 cup of butter

3/4 cup of powdered sugar

2 cups of flour

1/2 tsp. vanilla


Heat oven to 350 degrees, cream butter, blend in sugar gradually.  Add flour gradually, add vanilla.  Press mix into cookie molds (or a pyrex) and bake in the center of the 350 oven for 15 minutes or until brown on top.  (If baked in a pyrex, cut into small squares while hot, then allow to cool).

The recipe was simple enough and turned out quite tasty.  Since I love salt, I did add a pinch of salt to it.  It might also be nice with dark chocolate drizzled over it.  Enjoy!

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  • Rachael - I LOVE the Susannah & Janice idea!! It truly is so much fun to make her recipes because it makes me feel close to her. I haven’t tried this one yet so I will have to now. :)

  • Karina Koska - I will wait for more recipes, i like cooking and of course eating!And now i am married too.. I love these Susy!