full heart

I’m a people person.  100%.  Extrovert.  with a capital E.  I love being around people…lots of them.  I love the sound of laughter and conversation…in my house or somewhere else.  I don’t ever get tired of people.  seriously, ever.  I could have people at my house, or be with people 24/7 for weeks on end and never get tired of it.  I draw energy from being with people…and I generally dread alone time.

So you can imagine how I have had to adjust since moving to another country.  Making friends takes time and effort (which I am MORE than ready to give), and people who want to be friends with me.  The first few months here were tough.  I spent days without leaving our apartment (so not me…I like to be always out and about), staring at my computer counting down the hours until Josue came home.  Little by little I’m adjusting to being by myself and learning to enjoy it (a little more) but the extrovert in me hasn’t left.  I’m desperate for people time!

God has been so good and so faithful to little by little bring new friends into our lives.  Tonight we went to a dinner party for a friend’s birthday.  And it was perfect.  People, good conversation, good food, laughter, smiles and new faces.  I’m such a kid, I didn’t want to leave!  The whole time I sat there thinking I don’t ever want this evening to end…and I was with people I hardly knew.  But I left so full.  I can’t stop smiling…so much so that Josue said I looked so recharged.  Because people, I need you.  I need communication, I need conversation, I need laughter.  New friends, old friends, family, readers…I need you.  Thank you for being in my life.

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  • Jessi - from a hopeful future client/friend — thanks for what YOU do! i love your daily blog posts miss susannah :) especially little gems of honesty like this one.

  • Tracey - Isn’t it great that we are never to old to make new friends and enjoy life together, sharing moments and of course a cup of tea!

  • Susannah - Jessi, Thank you so much! …I’m honored that you read my blog posts!

  • Kim Brown - You are so much like me, you have to come to Nicaragua with Tates Creek. I like your phrase about Extrovert with a capital E. That is me too. One time I took a personality inventory that put me in 97 %ile or something. Yup, that is me. You too!