life’s simple treasures

You may have noticed that I tend to write food-related posts quite often.  It’s because I LOVE food.  A lot…and I especially love it when it not only tastes good, but is beautiful.  When I made my afternoon snack, I was struck by it’s simple beauty.  And I wanted to share it with this

Olive oil infused with Italian herbs, with homemade whole wheat bread.  Yum!

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  • Rachael - ok, so we discussed food a lot at the “Marlowe weekend” and decided that it is truly in our Marlowe genes to LOVE food! We discussed how totally foreign & utterly preposterous it was when people say – “it doesn’t matter, I’ll eat anything. OR I forgot to eat” Say WHAT?! SOOOO not in the Marlowe vocabulary! We talked about how our gatherings always seem to center around lots of good food so be proud you are being true to your name – LOL.