12 hours in the Elantra

So last night I woke up in a cold sweat and the first thought that came to my head was I’ve GOT to get that Cuisinart ice cream maker for my birthday! I know, so random and so ridiculous.  It may have had something to do with the incredible canteloupe gelatto I had yesterday at my FAVORITE spot, La Gelatteria.  It’s this fantastic little gelatto store in Plaza Itzkazu, with low prices and OUTOFTHISWORLD flavors of gelatto.  It will change you, I promise.  Whew, now that I’ve got that off my chest (and it is now public information that I want that ice cream maker for my birthday, hint hint) we can continue.

Saturday Josue and I drove for 12 hours.  Out of San Jose, up into the mountains, down past the ocean, through the plains all the way to the border with Nicaragua.  First let me tell you, every time I make that drive I remember why people love coming to Costa Rica.  It is breathtakingly beautiful.  Spectacular.  Awe-inspiring.  Every part of the trip, each unique terrain, is indescribably incredible.  Needless to say, even though we were up and out the door at 4 a.m. the beautiful scenery, early sunrise and big mugs of coffee kept us wide awake for our drive there.

While in La Cruz we met with an incredible group of people we are working with in our ministry to the exploited children and adults at the border.  Even amidst the some cultural frustration and lack of communication with the group there, I’m continually blown away by their excitement and commitment to the work at the border.

When we finished our meetings at the church then at the border, we headed to the beautiful beach 15 minutes down the road to catch some rays before jumping back in the car for another 5.5 hours.  Though we stayed less than an hour, we left feeling refreshed and nicely sunned.  There is something about that beach, Puerto Soley, that I’m sure Josue or Anna would attest to…it is perfectly tranquil.  In a way I’ve rarely experienced.  There are few to no people there, white sand, blue water, small waves, soaring pelicans, beautiful flowers, virgin beach, green trees, fishing boats, small beach shacks and an incredible sense of peace.

And to be sure you knew that we were thinking of you as we drove through beautiful countryside and soaked up the sun at Puerto Soley we took a few pictures to share!  (don’t judge, we used our beloved little point-and-shoot for these).

The idea was for the beach to show up in the back of these pictures…it didn’t seem to work…oh well.

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My much beloved (by me, however disdained by Josue) are fantastic…they travel most everywhere with me.pin this

My wonderful hubby took these awesome shell shots!!!pin thispin thispin this

And since we were in Guanacaste (one of Costa Rica’s most famous provinces for it’s beaches) I thought I’d show you a Guanacaste tree.  I don’t know lots about it, except that it’s so unique looking and grows in the plains of Guanacaste, and if I’m not mistaken, nowhere else.  And this is where I should give another shout out to my awesome husband who immediately pulled off the side of the highway so I could take this picture.

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  • Fran - Oh, Susa. I miss your radiant face in my life. Your life is beautiful, and I can’t wait to visit :)

  • Jessi - holy moley mackerel. gorgeous, woman. you, josue, the scenery, everything.

    also, we must be brain twins, because there are definitely times in my life that i shoot out of bed in the morning and simply MUST go buy that pair of hot pink pumps/electric skillet/all 4 seasons of criminal minds on dvd. i never ignore the demands of my subconscious! here’s hoping you get it!

  • Nina - Three things:
    1) Love the Guanacaste, and am thankful for my own shot on the side of the road for one!
    2) Chacos rule!
    3) Have I mentioned how good the coconut gelatto is?