Big Day!

Dear cyberspace,

I’m so sorry I’ve abandoned you these past few days.  It wasn’t because I didn’t want to write, I promise!  We had a crazy busy, full, awesome, and incredibly exhausting weekend that I can’t wait to tell you all about.

In the meantime, I’d like to share a piece of SUPER exciting news.  The blog hit 100 comments yesterday!!!  I know, it’s just a measly 100, but that’s a big step for this baby blog!  It may not compare to Justin and Mary’s 9000, but it’s a start!  And it’s all thanks to YOU!  Thank you for baring with me as I embark on each of life’s adventures, big and small.  Thans for being there.  Thanks for participating…you have no idea how much it means.  So now it’s time to celebraaaaaaate!  :)  (I’m gonna go make another cup of coffee in honor of our 100 comments!  Maybe I’ll do champagne when we hit 1000 or something)!

Check back in a bit for a post about our crazy awesome weekend, and in the meantime, have a fabulous day!

And because I love trees and fuschia and vintage…

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  • Ava Jackson - Susannah! I read your blog everyday… It helps me get through work. Your positivity, honesty, and overall aesthetic make this my favorite blog to read!
    I miss you! I can’t wait until you get a photo shoot in San Francisco and come visit!

  • Susannah - Ava, Thank you! You have no idea how encouraging that is, and I can’t WAIT to do a shoot in San Francisco…it’s my absolute favorite city!