El Chayote

For our second installment of tropical fruits and vegetables, we will be featuring the chayote today.  From what I’m told the chayote is in the squash family.  It is a light green color first, then as it ripens it turns to a whitish beige color.  It grows on vines, like these:

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The chayote has a texture and taste similar to the water chestnut…which is not much flavor at all, so it goes well with most anything.  I like it in soups and quiches, especially.

I think I have some kind of allergy to it…when I peel the chayote and chop it, it seems to suck ALL the moisture out of my hands, and for the next two days they crack and dry so badly that they look diseased.  Or does that happen to everyone?  Oddly enough, however, it has no odd effects on me when I eat it (that I’m aware of).

This is what the outside looks like:

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And this is what the inside looks like…(it has a big chalky seed)

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And since I’m terrible at conclusions…

The end.

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  • David Castillo - Hola Susannah!

    Thanks for featuring the Chayote! It is really hard to try and find a Costa Rican who has not ever had Chayote.



  • Kim Brown - and nutrition wise, it is pretty worthless, they said. Which is really sad because it is one of the few veggies many poor people consume in Nicaragua.

  • Susannah - You’re right, Kim…I forgot to mention they are dirt cheap here…like I got 3 of them for about 20 cents this week.

  • Hannah Stone - Every time you put up another gorgeous picture of food I think two things: must eat that, and girl I love your dishes!!!!