I love getting mail!  I think it’s the kid in me that never grew up.  Any time a letter comes, I want to savor it.  I sit down, open it slowly and read it.  Then I re-read it.  And I usually read it a third time.  Not necessarily because it said anything hugely significant, but because it was mail.  That came to me.

Well, you can just imagine how that is magnified by like 1000 when living in a foreign country because we don’t get mail.  You see, Costa Rica has a very…ummm…special way of dealing with addresses and directions.  They just don’t have them.  Yeah, you heard me.  They don’t really have them.  Streets don’t have names and houses don’t have numbers (some people claim the actually do, however I have yet to meet someone who knows a road name and few know their house number).  So you can imagine how fun it is for the mailman (if there even is one) to get mail to the right place.  So instead of the usual address that goes something like house number, street name, city name, province, country (and please don’t be mistaken, this isn’t true of all of Latin America, in fact Costa Rica is the only country I’m aware of that doesn’t have conventional addresses) a Costa Rican address looks something like this: number of meters north/s/e/w from landmark, in area, of district, of province, of country. Fun, huh?  So here’s to hoping you know that landmark that they tell you, because that’s how directions work too.  For example, I ask a friend, so how do I get to your house again? and she responds Well its 800 meters west of the AM/PM in Cariari then 50 meters north. Oh, good.  Thanks.  Needless to say, being a couple of foreigners in a land of confusing directions, Josue and I often find ourselves trying to google map these certain landmarks to have an idea of where we are going.  But hey, what’s the fun of traditional directions anyway?

Sorry, I seem to have gone on a tangent.  But about mail, sometimes it makes it to us, and other times it doesn’t.  Which doesn’t provide much incentive to try sending us mail, however if you feel so brave, we (I) LOVE to get mail…even if it is just a card with one line below it (just don’t send anything too valuable).  I terribly miss my magazines.  The ones that my dear mother is still collecting at her house and piling up for me to devour every time I get to head back to the States.  My current magazine subscription list includes W, Vogue, Rangefinder, and Forbe’s Business.  (My mom just recently subscribed to that last one for me…and her).  If I lived in a place where magazines arrived to me, I would also quite like to have a subscription to PDN and Real Simple.  Maybe someday :)  But for now, I’ll enjoy my fresh fruit smoothie and sunshine every morning and try not to complain too much.

Oh, and I should definiately make an honorable mention to the one magazine that actually gets here!  TableTalk is a really neat intellectual Christian magazine with articles by people like R.C. Sproul and John Piper.  It’s awesomeness like quadrupled when my dad subscribed it for Josue and me as a Christmas present, and…wait for it…IT ACTUALLY CAME!!!!  All the way to our front door…in COSTA RICA!  Hallelujah!  :)

a few of the brave pieces of mail that have arrived (…actually that might be almost all our mail of the last 6 months…)

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  • Rachael - Ok – I’ll brave sending you something – i actually have a whole pile of stuff for ya but I’m gonna send them with Anna to be on the safe side since it’s “Stuff” but we’ll brave the scary Costa Rica mail with a letter and see how it does. I’m VERY impressed that a magazine made it! Maybe that will encourage us to try some other subscriptions…I LOVE my Guideposts, Reader’s Digest & Angels on Earth mags…or should we not press our luck? LOL I love the mail too – something about a connection to people, think it goes back to the EXTROVERT thing – ha ha!

  • Rachael - the picture is at least helpful because it tells me that 3 stamps is enough postage – I just really had not had the time to take it to the post office for them to “process” it and figure out exactly how much postage is needed – seeing the card with 3 stamps is very helpful! :)

  • Sandra Marlowe - Pretty neat to read a Mom mention! I do love your blog and can’t wait to see the number of hits reach the thousands! The Tabletalk magazine so excellent – your Dad and I often are swapping them back and forth on our bedside tables. I have been so impacted by the articles. So glad yours made it to you!