malicious blood-sucking insects

Yes, you read the title correctly.  You see, unlike some other days, I’ve known the topic of today’s blog post since 3 a.m.  Well, 3:07 a.m. to be exact.  You know what happened at 3:07 a.m.?  Bet you want to now!  I bolted awake to horrendous sound of a buzzzZZZZZZzzzzing mosquito flying around my face, and simultaneously an itching sensation ALL OVER my upper body.  Something happened…maybe it was the warm weather, or the late night or the full moon.  Whatever it was, caused all the mosquitoes in Costa Rica (seriously, herds) to migrate down to Santo Domingo, Heredia and soar right through our open dining room windows and on into our bedroom.  And then feast on my blood.  Yes, that’s right, my blood.  Not Josue’s…for some reason they never bother him.

So obviously when I sat up wide awake at 3 am swinging both arms in the air at an invisible foe, Josue was a bit annoyed.  Annoyed that I disrupted his sweet, untouched-by-the-vicious-mosquitoes-sleep.  But being the wonderfully heroic husband he is, he asked me what was wrong.

WHAT’S WROOOOOOOONG?????? WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT’S WRONG!!! was the response he received from his not so sweet or heroic wife.  I’ve never been one that did well without sleep.  I like sleep.  I need sleep.  And I sleep deeeeeeeep.  So when, for some odd reason, I can’t fall asleep or I awake in the middle of the night, let’s just say I’m probably not showing my sweetest side.

WHAT’S WRONG???? THAT MOSQUITO IS WRONG!  AND THAT ONE!!! AND THAT ONE!!!!!!  AND THE FACT THAT I LOOK LIKE I’VE BEEN CAMPING IN A SWAMP WHEN IN FACT I’M IN MY OWN BEDROOM!! I promptly shoved my arm in his face trying to point out all the splotchy red mosquito bites that left my arms feeling hot and dry, in the pitch black darkness of our bedroom.

So he sweetly turned on the lights, took his weapon of choice (a kleenex) and brought the counter-attack on the mosquitoes.  But they are viciously sly little critters!  They hiiiiiiiiide.  Then stay still so you won’t find them, then just when you do, they fly away!!!  Oh, I was burning with anger.  Eventually the captain of my army in the war against the mosquitoes realized that his weapon was less than desirable for such a task, and as any good soldier wood, I brought him a stronger, more powerful weapon: the fly swatter.  And we brought the attack.

For a good 30 minutes, we hunted down, swat at, and killed mosquitoes all around our room leaving the battlefield of walls and ceilings quite bloody.  It was a sight, I’m sure.  Josue and I, armed with pajamas, puffy eyes and sheer anger (well that was probably just me) as we stood on our bed, and brought chairs in from the dining room to find and kill these pesky mosquitoes.

When it seemed that the enemy had finally retreated, we gladly slid back into bed.

But I couldn’t sleep.  I knew the enemy was still lurking.  And sure enough, I heard it again…buuzzzzZZZZZZZ!  And out of instinct I swatted again, once again awaking my darling husband.  And battle number 2 of the war on mosquitoes commenced.  Same process, same story.  We went back to bed once again.  And got up, yet again to fight the mosquitoes.  After the third battle however, the heroic capitan of my army was no longer in good spirits and was beginning to share my anger and frustration, however I seemed to be the source of his annoyance.  So when, for the fourth time, the mosquitoes attacked, with dive bombers and all, we surrendered.  Josue opened the windows of the bedroom, and just before I pulled the covers protectively over my head I saw that the alarm clock that read 4:33 a.m. darn mosquitoes.  they STOLE and hour and a half of my precious slumber. and I vowed vengeance.

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  • Rachael - I’m SOOOO sorry, sweetie. Whatever kind of bug is out that can bite always finds me more than anyone else too – I guess we’re just too sweet. LOL That is a good man that would wake up with you to fight even though he isn’t being attacked! Even if you had a mosquito net, you’d still hear the buzzing which is unbelievable annoying I know and who wants to sleep under a net? Maybe screens in the windows – is that a possibility?

  • Rachael - I just had Aaron read the blog and he laughed too! He commented that it’s so true if he is with me when mosquitoes are around, they don’t touch him – I get all the bites. But if he is alone they will bite him some. What is it with our sweet blood that they like so much? ha ha

  • David - Hi Susannah,

    There are a couple of things you could do, it all depends on your philosophy at the issue.

    Some people cover with a fine sieve mesh every window and little gap in the house. This is what my parents did and it works 100%, but it has the downside that they don’t look very good.

    Another option is using these spirals that you basically burn and help repel the mosquitoes. They also have other versions of this, in the form of little tablets that are vaporized. The downside is that you also breath the chemicals they expel. As far as I know no one has died…just mosquitoes :D

    Yet another option is to just buy some repelent and put it on before going to bed, but the downside there is that Josue will not want to be near you either…..

    The last option is just to endure the dry season. During the rainy season they seem to not like the higher grounds of the central valley because the temperature drops a bit.

    So there you go…