Wedding: Cali and Josiah (part 1)

The snow began to fall in the early morning, before the sun had a chance to rise.  And it fell and it fell, covering the whole area in a blanket of peaceful white.  The trees held small piles on each outstretched branch, occasionally spilling clumps onto the frozen ground below.  The snow was white, pure, untouched, just like the breathtaking bride in her wedding gown.

It was cold out.  Not a jacket and scarf cold, but chill your bones cold…6 degrees that morning, to be exact.  The hustle bustle of wedding activity started early at the brides house, complete with coffee, bridesmaids, family members, make-up, hair appliances and breakfast.

Besides the freezing cold, the day went without a hitch.  Cali looked like a perfect porcelain doll with her here in tight Shirley Temple curls and her long white dress perfectly clean and crisp.

Cali and Josiah live lives of reckless passionate love.  For one another, and for others.  And it’s contaigious.  Their passion, their joy, their love of life.  They’re the kind of people that others love being around.  They’ve been through ups and downs together…including 4 months of long distance, while Josiah studied in Costa Rica.  They were months of Skype dates and late nights, and sometimes even tears, but in the end it just drew them closer.

Cali and Josiah, it was such an incredible honor to spend your wedding day with you.  May your love and passion never fade.  Thank you for the joy you bring to our lives…you’re truly a blessing (and we wish you were closer)!

Much love,

Susannah and Josue

pin thisCali’s shoes of choice for the morning were her Uggs

pin thispin thispin thispin thisCali’s precious nephew, Noah, wasn’t sure what to think of the make-up…

pin this

pin thismeanwhile the fellas got dressed

pin thisand played Wii

pin this

and Cali headed out to meet her groom!  I love her excited smile (as she texts Josiah to tell him we are running late)

pin thisCali and Josiah opted to see each other before the wedding for a First Look.  This gives the bride and groom a relaxed time to be together and take pictures at a more laid back pace.  And you get pictures like these!

Josiah waits with his back turned for his bride

pin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thispin thiswhile I was taking this (left) Josue was taking that (right)pin thispin thispin this

pin thispin this

pin thispin this

last three photos compliments of Josue!

Stay tuned the the wedding and reception pictures!

Oh, I almost forgot…this was the temperature when we FINISHED the shoot…It was 11 degrees when we started.

pin this

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  • Jen Creed - I want to shoot in falling snow!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!! I’m moving somewhere colder. That actually gets more than five inches of snow. Boo. And, the shots where you showed one you took and one Josue took made me tear up. And the third from the end (counting the temperature picture), the black and white where she’s looking over her shoulder….WOW!

  • Rachael - Breathtakingly Beautiful – WOW!!!!!! I love every shot!