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Once again.  It’s Sunday night.  I’m exhausted.  And I haven’t blogged.  It seems to be a trend…full weekends of no blogging.  But what a weekdn it was.  Josue and I are finally sitting down to rest after a weekend of little sleep and lots of fun.  As I write this I’m sitting in the living room, watching the Super Bowl (kinda), and writing this for you.  Our relaxed Super Bowl evening got a bit eventful a few minutes ago when Josue was attacked by fleas in our couch.  I know.  It sounds terrible and dirty, but we don’t even have a pet!  He’s been scratching and howling ever since.  I already made an emergency run to the grocery to get some flea killer.  To no ado.  Any recommendations on how to rid our couch of them?

Our weekend was fantastically full.  Our friends invited us to spend the day at their farm on Saturday, and as you probably know by now, Saturday is farmer’s market day.  And I refuse to miss the farmer’s market.  So, I dragged Josue out of bed at 6:30 a.m. to head to the farmer’s market and do our produce shopping for the week.  It’s melon season here now.  And ooooooooooh is it good.  Cantaloupe like you’ve never experienced…intoxicatingly sweet, deliciously orange, and beautifully fresh.  Yes, please.

We made a “quick” farmer’s market run (the farmer’s market is not an experience that should be cut short, ever…it’s like trying to eat a perfectly seasoned, prime steak in 5 minutes. by itself.)  No.Can.Do.

Anyways, we rushed back to the house, dropped the produce, and met up with our friends to go to their farm.  There aren’t words, or even pictures to describe the place.  I decided to rename it Avatar.  I know, it’s bold.  But it was that incredible.  Green, tropical, virgin forests.  Acres of hills filled with little hidden treasures: peacefully trickling waterfalls of pure mountain water, rainbow colored Toucans, lime green ferns of all varieties standing as tall as trees, a hillside orchard filled with every type of fresh citrus imaginable, a garden planted by a meticulous microbiologist, two cozy mountain cabins, a panoramic view of the whole Central valley, and the best part, friends.  It was a day to remember.

We spent the morning hiking up and down through the hills, admiring the breathtaking views, drooling over the avacado orchard, filling market bags with limes, lemons, mandarin limes and grapefruits, taking pictures, laying in the grass and staring up at the eucalyptus trees that seem to reach into the clouds, drinking coffee and relaxing.  We finished the day off with a late night movie (A Good Year, and old Russell Crowe film that is fantastic) and pizza from the pizzeria down the street.  Sigh.  It was a good day.  Then, we went home and I made a pie, cleaned the kitchen and prepped the house for today’s brunch/lunch visitors.

This morning we dragged our exhausted, sunburned bodies out of bed at 6 a.m. to cook a full meal for 7, and finish cleaning house before heading off to the 8 a.m. service at church.  Fabricio and his wife, a precious couple from our church, and their three adorable kiddos came back to the house for lunch.  Except it was 10 a.m.  So we chatted, went for a walk and took some family pictures for them (they haven’t had professional family pictures with the whole fam ever, and it was the least we could do for their 11 year anniversary that they celebrated yesterday).  We came back, played Wii for hours, ate a yummy lunch, had coffee and pie, and played more Wii.  When the brigades finally headed out I collapsed into bed for a cat nap while my wonderful hubs washed the multitude of dishes.

Whew.  Needless to say, we are still tired.  With no ounce of energy left in us to cut all the fruits that await us in the kitchen.

So I’m off.  To bed, or maybe to kitchen duty.  But I’ll leave you with these gorgeous hydrangeas we brought back from the farm.

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and our awesome friends Renato and Maria Jose.

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P.S. somehow I forgot to mention one of THE most exciting happenings of the weekend…I’M STARTING AN HERB GARDEN!!!!!!!!! and this weekend Maria Jose took me to the most incredible little greenhouse/orchard/gardening store/farm out at the foothills in Cartago to buy my plants!  Pictures to come soon, I promise!!!

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  • Rachael - we sure missed you last night as the family gathered at our house for a super bowl party! Really wanted to skype you but computer is still not cooperating with the webcam – aaargh! That farm sounds amazing – I’m jealous! I hope you’ll post some pics you took of the beauty! Hope you get another nap today. :)