Sneak Peek: Fabricio and crew!

Josue and I love, and i mean L-O-V-E our church.  Everything about it…the pastors, the people, the ministries, the transparency and just the way it functions.  It has been such a lifesaver and a blessing since we’ve lived here, and it holds an extra special little place in our hearts because it’s how we met!

Little by little we have been blessed to become part of our church and meet the people who are the backbone of it.  They are the ones who are there in the early morning setting up while I’m still dreaming sweetly of cantaloupe gelatto, the ones that give more time than they have to make the church feel like home, and the ones who stay late cleaning up, making coffee to serve, counting the offering, practicing music, praying over the church and so much more.  They are treasures.

One of those people is Fabricio.  He plays bass in one of the worship bands and has been going to Vida.  He and his wonderful wife Laura and their three crazy cute kids Sofia, Fernanda and Gadiel are new friends of ours, and we are so blessed by them.  They have opened their home to us, and allowed us a little window into their lives.

Fabricio and Laura just had their 11 year anniversary and haven’t had family pictures taken since their youngest was born, so we had the wonderful opportunity to photograph their family!

All that to say, this is a sneak peek…I feel bad…but the rest should be up by the end of today so keep checking back!

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