slow dancing in the kitchen (not a burning room…)

As the sweet sultry voice of Norah Jones wafts through our apartment and out through the open windows into the warm night air, Josue stands at the sink, scrubbing 2 days worth of dishes while I attempt to push back the mounds of clothing, books, magazines and newspaper articles that are slowly and sneakily taking over every surface of the apartment.

I walk into the kitchen, dragging my feet from exhaustion, to get a late dinner started, because the grumbling in my tummy is getting to be unbearable.  Then, before I know it, we bump shoulders, me and that man I love.  Then I am in his arms, resting my head on his shoulder.  We sway back and forth between the stove and the sink to Norah, I sing quietly in his ear, and for a moment all the worries and exhaustion of the week vaporize.  Eyes closed, and feet  barely moving we lean on one another.

pin thisThat’s how it works, this marriage thing.  We’re in this together.  Long exhausting work weeks, fun-filled weekends, and a lifetime of memories to come.  We fight through the tough together, and we sail through the joys together.  And it’s so good.  It’s so good to know that on a day that he has to come home, just to turn on his computer and work a little longer, while I stare blurry-eyed at the screen of my Mac trying to make sense of the pictures in front of me, that we get to do it together.

Cyberspace, it’s been an awesome, exhausting week of friends, photography, blog, ministry, errands, work, and so much more.  I know I promised Fabricio and the fam’s pictures, but the honest truth is that I just don’t have it in me tonight.  Tomorrow!  …which reminds me of an old favorite

Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love you, tomorrow, you’re only a day away!

photo by the awesome Catana Photography

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  • Rachael - Sooooo sweet – brought tears to my eyes as I have lived that moment many times over. I can’t begin to tell you how grateful I am that God brought you your soulmate, the man of your dreams & of my prayers for you. I realized that this year marks the year that I’ve been alive the same amount of time that I’ve been with Aaron. So it’s all “downhill” from here – and that’s a good thing he said ’cause we’ve done all the hard climbing work, now we get to enjoy the ride together. :) You will spend more of your life as a Galan than as a Marlowe………..funny to think about, isn’t it?

  • Sandra Marlowe - Loved your beautiful, descriptive vignette of married life. And your “Tomorrow” song from Annie is prophetic – the sun IS shining here in Ky! Hurray! (But it was 11 degrees this morning.)

  • Fran - Oh, Susa. I miss your insatiable romantic heart. I feel like it was one of the many reasons why we became such great friends–our childhoods were spent as princesses, and it spilled over. This was an especially wonderful post. Miss you.