Strawberry Shortcake

I’ve been craaaaaaving strawberry shortcake.  And since I live in a country of eternal summer. I can almost always get incredible strawberries.  Like the kind that are so soft and sweet that they melt in your mouth, and you momentarily die and go to heaven.  But then you come back so you can eat more.

I’ve never attempted shortcake before, but thanks to Deb over at the Smitten Kitchen I went for it today.  I used this recipe, with a few minor changes* and it was incredible.  You should try it.  You’ll be soooo glad you did.  It might even change you a little bit.

Oh I forget, some of you are in the land of eternal winter, below freezing temperatures and abominable snowmen.  Sorry, I guess you’ll have to wait a few months :).  I’m cruel, I know.  But for now you can drool over my strawberry shortcake and wish you were here.

First I made the incredibly tasty shortcakes.

pin this

pin thisThen I whipped up some homemade whipped cream (because here you can’t buy Cool Whip, that I’m aware of, and anyways the real stuff is SO much better)

pin thisThen I pulled out my scrumptious strawberries

pin thisand threw it all together and took a picture (for you) just before diving in.  I think I ate the whole thing in less than a minute.  It was…

to die for.  I’ve never tasted anything like it.

pin thisYou really should have some…

pin this

*my minor changes were that I substituted sour cream for the heavy cream in the batter, used a little less butter, and used regular egg yolks (without hard-boiling them)

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  • Rachael - can you please just box one of those up and ship it to me? Actually make that TWO please!!! You know this is my absolute favorite dessert of all time! I’ll just have to print out these pictures and visualize myself eating it and maybe, just maybe fool my tastebuds into tasting sweet succulent strawberries (which I could live off of if necessary)……..

  • Hannah Stone - No joke — I was craving Strawberry shortcake all day yesterday!

  • Nina - Gorgeous! I love it when you take shots of the food you make. They are like pictures out of a really good food magazine. Hey, maybe that’s another niche market you should hit! :) Beautiful, Susannah!