Wedding: Dina and Neto

A much overdue wedding post that I’m so excited to share.

In November of 2009 my sweet sister-in-law Dina was married to her high school sweetheart and boyfriend of 6 years, Neto.  They spent two years apart, while Dina was living in Spain for culinary school.  In those two years they saw each other every 6 months, but spoke on the telephone as often as possible.  Each day Neto rushed out of work during lunch hour to talk to Dina briefly before she headed to bed.  Upon returning to El Salvador Dina opened her own catering business with Neto as her number one fan/employee/supporter/driver.  A little over a year later they were married on a rainy November afternoon in San Salvador at the church where Dina grew up.  It was a wedding filled to the brim with family, friends, and acquaintances from their lives.  The church packed out at 800 guests who came to share in their joyous day!

It was so fun to photograph the wedding and be part of it.  I spent the whole day with the bride, and let me tell you, she was the most relaxed bride EVER on her wedding day.  Even though it poured rain on her wedding day, she was totally laid back and happy.

We also did a bridal session with Dina, and photographed their civil wedding the week before.

pin thisWe did her photo session in Suchitoto…a precious little town outside San Salvador with cobblestone streets and beautiful, colorful architecture everywhere.

pin thispin thisisn’t she gorgeous?

pin this

Dina had her hair and make-up done at Amanda’s Salon, and they did a fantastic job!

pin this

the civil wedding was held in the back garden of the lovely Dharuma restaurant in San Salvador.  The food, the service, the place…it was all awesome.

pin thisand those lanterns in the tree…LOVE them!

pin this

Dina and Neto with their witnesses and the lawyer who signed their marriage papers!

pin thisDina and Neto were up early on their wedding day to finish the last minute church decorations!

pin thisDina had Calla Lilies all over church for the wedding…aren’t they stunning?

pin thisThe much-loved Maki, the family dog, tore up some wedding wrapping paper the morning of the wedding!  Traviesa!

pin this

At Amanda’s Dina looks out at the pouring rain.  Her dad picked her up and escorted her with his umbrella from the door to the car…so sweet!

pin this

I had the honor of helping dress the bride, and I gladly handed off the photographing to Josue for a few minutes!

pin this

I absolutely adore this shot Josue caught of Dina looking in the mirror one last time before heading down the aisle.

pin this

She entered with her dad as Dina Galan…

pin this

And left with her new husband as Dina Galan de Carbajal!  (check out the paparazzi at their wedding!  popular couple!)

pin thisThe fam!  Left to Right: Me, Josue, Dina, Neto, Samuel

pin thisWhen Neto had had enough pictures he swept his bride off her feet and off they went, headed into their new life together.

pin this

Due to the rain, we didn’t get to do a Bride and Groom session the day of the wedding, and every couple deserves that, so we convinced them to do a Day After session.  Come back to see pictures of Salvadorian ruins, beautiful green grass, heavy rain, and one beautifully happy married couple!

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