multi-tasking and multi-tabbing

I just wanna give a little internet shout-out to the greatness of multiple tabs.  Not sure who came up with it first…FireFox? (that’s what I use) or was it Safari?  or maybe Internet Explorer (…doubt it).  Whoever it was, I want to thank you.  Personally.  With a hug and some homemade coffee cake.  (why coffee cake?  no idea…but that does sound really good about now…)  Because it has made my life better.

I live in clutter (my poor husband).  It’s like my physical form of a to do list.  For example, on our dining room table right now (a.k.a. my desk) is the following: a box of tissues, the car keys, 4 pens, 3 telephones, 1 camera, 1 memory card reader, my planner, my make-up bag, the salt and pepper shakers, a bag of crackers, Josue’s Bible, battery charger, French grammar book, my passport, napkins, The Kite Runner, my note book of all important lists and information and my laptop.  Most of those things are there because they need to be “done” or taken care of.  The camera…I need to take more pictures…daily, in general.  So it stays on the table.  The French book…I’m going to teach myself French.  Starting last week…but I haven’t opened the book yet.  Today is the day.  The planner…so many important things to look up/write down.  The lists…must add to my to-do list.  Makes me feel like I’m accomplishing things.  I may or may not cross the list off, or ever look at it again.  The make-up…I need to put some on.  Especially before leaving the house today. (my Rudolph red nose–due to allergies–might scare away all friends/clients)  The passport, crackers, keys and chargers are there probably due to my absolute inability to put things away.  (My mom worked hard for years to drill in the whatever you get out you put away later rule, but seems that it didn’t work too well).

In the same way, there will always, without fail, be at least 4 applications open on my computer at one time.  Currently there are 9.  And accordingly, 9 windows open.  And in my one window from Firefox, I have 15 tabs open.  Take a look:

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Oh, and now there are 16 tabs open because I opened one more to google how to take a screen shot on a mac.

Each tab (or at least most) is open for a reason.  Something that must be read, responded to, tended to, considered, written, bought or searched.  Those skinny jeans?  Jasmine Star said on her blog today I should buy them but I’m not so sure…  And $185?  maybe not.

The Container Store has two tabs open because it’s the bomb.  Oh and because I’m currently searching for the perfect document box.  That site will make you want to have and organize every aspect of your life.  But it will cost you.

WPPI stuff…there are like 5 tabs open that have to do with WPPI.  Because I’m a last minuter.  And I’m SO excited.  And its JUST A WEEK AWAY!!!

Then there are the always tabs…the first ones I open every time I open my computer.  GmailFacebookGoogle.  Oh, and while I’m thinking of it, please be my friend on facebook.  Pretty pretty please?

It is what it is.  I’m kind of an addict to clutter.  And busyness.  And I am really working on my organizational skills.  And putting things away.  But the tab issue?  I don’t think it will ever change.  And I don’t want it to.

Now, about that coffee cake…

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  • Fran - I KNEW I recognized those skinny’s! From what I hear, American Eagle (as well as H&M) have some fabulous and affordable denim leggings.

  • Fran - I still can’t believe you’re going to WPPI. Also, if at any point you would like me to be any kind of music adviser, I am happy to do so…as I have a delicious collection currently.