Tropical fruits: Caimito

So I’ve (quite sadly) been working on this post all weekend in the few spare moments I had.  And just as I was about to post it my internet disappeared along with all the text I had written :(.  BOO.  (I thought I had saved it…)

But, get excited, because I’m gonna share a new tropical fruit that I discovered this week at the farmer’s market.  It’s called Caimito.  It’s beautiful.  It’s unique.  And it’s sooooo sweet.

Take a look at her!

pin thispin thispin thispin this

Yes, that’s its real color.  And it’s beautiful.  The inside is really sweet and gooey.  I prefer to eat it with a spoon because that beautiful purple leaves a nice beautiful purple stain around your mouth if you decide to dig in face first (it’s tempting…once you try it you’ll want to devour it, spoon or not).

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  • laurel - i’m so jealous of your fruity, purple, gooey life at this moment ;)

  • Fran - I’m going to eat every exotic Costa Rican fruit I can