I’m late writing today, and I really don’t have much of an excuse (besides the sweet smelling homemade biscotti that is now cooling in my kitchen…).  My mind is on one thing right now (ok, well two…biscotti and…), WPPI.  It’s all I can think about, read about, and apparently blog about (my sincere apologies).  I was entirely packed yesterday.  And if you know me you know that never happens.  Even on 4 month trips to other countries, I generally wait until the night before to hunt for a suitcase.  And since travel is so ridiculously expensive these days, I’m doing my best to only take a carry on and a backpack…which is also unheard of for this girl who needs at least 8 pairs of shoes and 18 outfits for a week long trip.  I heaved and pushed and squeezed and zipped, and amazingly it worked!  Now I just have to figure out what of my toiletries I can and can’t take…I’ll certainly need to buy hair product there since mine is not in a bottle smaller than 3 oz.

On another WPPI note, I’m really excited about meeting people, and at the same time, kind of intimidated.  I’m glad to know that I won’t be the only first-timer there, but still, I’m going by myself!  I literally don’t know a soul that will be there, so I will be forced to meet new people.  And I want to.  In fact, just to be sure I don’t end up being  hermit and hiding in my room reading the Kite Runner (unlikely, but you never know), I’ve made a little deal with myself that while at the conference I will not eat a single meal by myself.  And I’ll do my best to blog about the meals I have so you can meet some new people with me!  Sound good?  Ahhh!  Do you hear the nervous quiver in my voice?

On a last note, I am so so so grateful to my family and friends and awesome husband who have helped make this happen.  The ones who have encouraged me every step of the way, and believed in Alumbra Photography enough to buy my WPPI registration for Christmas and accommodations for my birthday!  Thank you thank you thank you!

Oh, and I’ll try to let you know about the biscotti!

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  • Jessi - AHH! Have the most fun miss susannah!

    Also, I don’t know if you’re quite familiar with the Kite Runner but… it is pretty disturbing at times. I’m not a girl that’s disturbed by a lot either, and that book… seriously. I still remember the horrified feeling. I suppose that’s the point, but it ~affected~ me in ways that books don’t normally.

  • Karina Koska - Susy: I think that you are so good in writing and sharing your thoughts and experiences, i like that a lot! I enjoy reading you. I said once that i like traveling but not to pack :S I know its like an art!
    Have fun!

  • Fran - My friend Cailyn is going! I was in her wedding in October–and I told her about you. I have no idea how you would find each other, but you should add her on Facebook and share a meal with her. You’re both wonderful and it’s a new person to meet…from Lexington!

  • Julie - Oh girl, not to worry! I can show you the ropes, just so you know, the MGM GRAND is new to me, so we will both be finding our way around there. And, I am already planning a fun photographers luncheon for Tuesday! I hope you will plan on it! You will be so surprised at just how wonderful people are here and fast to make friends! It’s going to be a blast!

  • Hannah Stone - I think people with long hair should get larger oz allocations. Do they think a mane like yours can submit to a mere dribble? (and what a beautiful mane it is!)