Sneak Peek: Nate and Emily

Today’s the big day!  WPPI commences along with a full schedule of classes, scavenger hunts, photographer parties, slot machines (ooops, did I say that?), and hopefully lots of new friends!  I’ll head down to the strip (I was recently corrected…it is not to be called downtown because downtown is actually a different section of town and it is quite seedy) in the afternoon, check into the hotel, meet my roommate and officially begin my first WPPI experience!  And I’m thrilled!

But in the meantime, I want to share a quick sneak peek from a session I did with some old Kentucky friends, Emily and Nate.  Since I arrived I’ve been staying with Emily and Nate, who now live in Vegas, and they have been so incredibly wonderful!  They have taken the time to show me the ropes, take me to the strip, tell me great little tips about Vegas, make me a birthday dinner, and take me to play Bingo (and it was awesome, by the way)!

Thank you, Nate and Emily for making my time here so special!  I have loved every moment I’ve gotten to spend with you two!  Thanks for opening your home to me!

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  • Rachael - precious photo! I’m glad someone got to give you a proper birthday celebration! I hope we can talk soon – call anytime you can ’cause I really miss you! I know this week will be incredible for you! Can’t wait to hear all about it!