Neon lights and funny sights

And this seems to be the city of both.  People walk down the strip with alcohol in hand (often two drinks per person), snapping pictures, and taking Vegas.  Casinos are open 24 hours, and drinks are served all hours…from breakfast to late night parties.  Starbucks lines are long (as in most places), skirts are short, heels are high, food is good, money evaporates, alcohol is free and lights are bright.

The Vegas experiences has been…well, just that, an amazingly unique and enjoyable experience.  The WPPI experience has been over the top, absolutely incredible.  The people, the charge, the excitement, the determination, the social climate and the all around focus on networking and learning is so stinking awesome.  The sessions I have gone too have rocked my world…particularly the ones by Justin and Mary and Jesh de Rox.  Their hearts, their transparency, their passion, their photography…it blew me away.  I’m changed.  As a photographer and as a person.  I’m exhausted…mentally, physically, emotionally.  I’m looking forward to soaking up another incredible session this afternoon and one tomorrow morning, then I’m done.  I’ll breathe a deep sigh of relief and sadness, and look forward to next year.  And I’ll spend the next year thinking, processing, and implementing what I’ve learned here…from these photographers and from all the awesome vendors I met at the Trade Show.  I’m excited about the way things are going to change with Alumbra, and all that is in store for 2010.

I have so much more to say, so forgive me if I seem all over the place…because I feel it!  As I organize all this information and process it I’ll continue to share it here…writing (well actually typing) it out, helps me.

You know that song from Wicked?  For Good (I think that’s what it’s called), Elphaba and Galinda sing to each other “because I knew you, I have been changed for good.”  WPPI.  Pictage.  Justin and Mary.  Jesh.  Thanks.  Because I can honestly say, that I have been changed for good.

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  • Fran - Way to use a Wicked reference! I’m so glad it’s been a great time.

  • Julie - Good reflections! So right on!