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So, Susannah is in Las Vegas.  Before she left she “suggested” that I should blog once or twice while she was gone.  So I have been debating if I should or not.  I decided to do it and here I am.

I was trying to decide what should I blog about. Susannah being gone? Photography? Food? Soccer? Music?  But then I decided to tell a little bit about my story mainly because I would like to blog a little bit more through Alumbra. This way you guys know where I’m coming from.

I was born on a December 13th in San Salvador, El Salvador, beautiful country by the way, into a great family with lots of love, kindness, and guidance.  During my younger years I struggled with being a PK, but now I’m thankful for the life and path my parents decided to follow by serving God full time as pastors.

The years went by and God gave me the opportunity to go to school in a different country (Arkansas, the middle of nowhere in the US) where I had the opportunity to meet wonderful people, a new culture, new challenges, and new joys.

A few years after finishing school God brought me to Costa Rica to work for an OSS (Operations and Support System) provider to help ensure that telecom service providers that use our product have enough information about the fault and performance of the network to provide the best possible service to the end user (you and me).

While in Costa Rica, I met Susannah and my life changed for the best.  She has been God’s instrument to allow me and many others to see life through a different lens.

Lately I have been studying camera lenses and their pros and cons.  So on a quick reflective note: Do you ever wonder through what kind of lens do you see life? Wide?  High-power? Narrow? Telephoto? Angle? As Susannah would say: “85mm and perfect”? Reflective? Refractive?

So Susannah got me involved in Alumbra and I love it.  I’m the newbie here but I’m responsible of the back end of things: Admin stuff, budget (keeping Susannah within budget), some Internet communication solutions (ftp, http), second photographer (which I love).  As they say in Costa Rica: “I’m soila” but so is Susannah.

On a different subject, I don’t think I’m as tech savvy as Susannah claims I am. But I like technology specially the cool toys! So I have started a new software application development for Alumbra that I will share with you guys tomorrow and may be you can give me some suggestions and insights.

I’m sorry if my thoughts are all over the place on this blog post but I work hard to do it better next time.


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  • Hannah Stone - Josue, you’re a good husband. A+.

  • laurel - the other half speaks! love it.

  • Julie - Nice to meet you! Now I know you too! Susannah was a sweetheart in Vegas! We were both overwhelmed with it all! I wish you both the best in your business ventures!

  • Rachael - GREAT blog post! It made me miss you so much though & wish you could have been here too for a quick visit. It brings tears to my eyes as I am overwhelmed with gratefulness that God brought you to Susannah and into our family. You are so special & one of a kind, Josue! We love you tons! I also love your thought about what lens you look through – I’m gonna use that!