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During the time that I have been with Alumbra I think that one of our biggest struggles has been follow up. Mainly because we get caught up in thousand other things that we need to get done. But at the end we know how important it is to provide the appropriate and timely matter follow up to our clients.

So with this in mind I started a new project this week and it’s to create a small software application and a database to help us keep track of all the important aspects of every single couple that contacts us because each is unique.

Susannah has told about several software programs out there that help you keep track of your business and customer information. But the one she really wants its too expensive for us right now. So meanwhile I will create this one and who knows, maybe she’ll even like it better!

Since I’m getting ready to walk through a new door with this java immersion.  how about a beautiful door at a winery in Napa valley, CA?

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  • Rachael - I know you’ll do great! Entrepreneurship is all about “reinventing” things that will benefit your business and saving time & money too. :)

  • Jen Creed - Sweet! I’d love to hear what you come up with!