The Mucky Duck

There are things that connect us in this world.  Things that allow us to immediately identify with a complete stranger.  A random affinity for Chaco sandals, a love of Starbucks, sharing a hometown, being a gardener, a love of U2, a love of photography… the list is endless.  Some things connect many people (aka Starbucks), while others are less common and make an even stronger connection.  Like being in another country and meeting someone from your hometown…you immediately bond.

Well, one thing, one love, that bonds a few of us, is our love for this adorable little restaurant on the white sand beach of Captiva Island called The Mucky Duck.  If you’ve ever been to Captiva you’ve probably been to The Mucky Duck, as well as The Bubble Room (another incredible experience).

Once upon a time, many moons ago, I had a T-shirt from the Mucky Duck.  And I wore it…all the time.  Like, at least twice a week in high school (it was a cool shirt, ok?).  My friends still haven’t let me forget it.  So, as a sweet little reminder of that waaaay overworn, transparently thin old shirt, and that oh so tasty restaurant on the beach, my dear friend bought me this while she was in Captiva recently and gave it to me for my birthday:

pin thisThat’s my morning coffee right there :)

Thanks, Rach!

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  • Rachael - oooh – I LOVE it! And I remember that T-shirt too with the green on the collar & sleeves? Way cool!

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