that sweet, salty air

A warm breeze rustles through the palm trees, and they seem to whisper “shhh” like a mother rocking a baby to sleep.  The breeze pushes the puffy white clouds across the electric blue sky in a hurry, and I take in a deep breath of that sweet, salty air.  Birds of all sizes and colors soar on the wind above the waves, occasionally singing, occasionally diving, and occasionally landing in a high up palm tree interrupting the rhythmic shhhh of the palms.  As the sun begins to sink, an bright orange ball, behind the tropical landscape, the sounds of night slowly fade in.  The deep, gruff calls of the howler monkeys in the trees, and the buzz of insects.  The powerful waves of the Pacific Ocean crash like the heartbeat of the coast, and I touch my salty, sunned forehead to his and sigh.  My heart couldn’t possible wear a bigger smile.

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  • David - Fantastic pic, Nanny – LOVE it!