You know how when you’ve been away from your best friend or spouse for a while and you get back and you feel like you have so so so stinkin much to say?  Like you need to stay up all night telling about new stories, experiences, ideas and thoughts?  Do you?  Well, that’s kinda how I feel about you when I’ve been away for too long!

Funny to think that I went from not being a blogger to blogging so often that when I go away for 5 days I miss it!  I’m sorry!  And I have so much I want to tell you!  I’ll try to just focus on one at a time.

One thing that I was really impressed with on this trip was the excellence at which some people do their jobs, however big or small the might be.  We stayed at the neatest little hotel in Arenal (which if you haven’t been there you should go…it’s my favorite place in the whole beautiful country of Costa Rica) and the service was absolutely outstanding.  From the reception, to grounds workers and waiters at the restaurant.  Everyone did their job excellently.  They took the extra step to make it that much better…every time.

I want to work like that.  I want to live like that.  I’m not an all-or-nothing person.  I’m more of a start-more-things-than-I-ever-plan-on-finishing kind of person.  The kind that has stacks of half-read books, and rarely finishes movies.  Yeah, I’m that bad.  Commitment is hard for me…especially to a project.  Maybe because I’m A.D.D.  But I love to start things.  I get all excited about ideas.  But when the going gets tough, or when I get bored or tired or come up with a “better” idea I often stop and move on.

Internet.  Blogworld.  Family.  Friends.  I don’t want to be that way anymore.  So I guess this is me telling you I’m going to work on doing things excellently.  Even it means doing less.

Just stop for a second and think, what the world would be like if we all decided to do everything we put our hand do, excellently?

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  • Fran - My heart aches when you don’t blog! I just requested my vacation time to come visit my Suuuuus!

  • Susannah - AHH! I’m SOOOOO excited! And so sorry I’ve been MIA! I’m back though! :)