purple broccoliflower

Or at least that’s what I’ve dubbed it.  Because it looks like broccoli but tastes like cauliflower, and it’s PURPLE!  Oh, the excitement!  I saw it at the farmer’s market this week and knew I must try it.  And, it didn’t disappoint.  …I mean, who wouldn’t want to eat purple broccoliflower with baked mac ‘an cheese for dinner?  The flavor wasn’t anything extraordinary, but the COLOR!!!  Just look at it!

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then when I boiled it it turned UK blue!!! Even better!

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Love discovering new fruits and veggies…or at least new colors of veggies)

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  • Julie - Oooh, love that!

  • Josue G. - Is that UK blue?

  • Hannah Stone - I am so obsessed. Was it good?