Shout Out

I like the idea of having series.  You know, something with continuation.  Something consistent.  Some kind of a every other Thursday post that you can expect.  But, if I’m honest, I’m terrible at consistency.  In many areas… excercise, eating, sleep schedule, daily schedule…the list continues…blogging…

All that to tell you that I’ll be starting a Shout Out series…but on my terms.  So when I see, experience, or taste something that deserves a shout out I will blog about it! (none of that every other Thursday stuff)

Today’s shout out, the first of many (I hope), is to Cafe Britt.  For great coffee, and awesome coffee tour and an adorable little coffee shop with the best iced latte I’ve ever had.  In. My. Life.

There are more than one Cafe Britt locations, however I’ve only been to the one in Barva de Heredia and it’s just precious.  It’s less than 10 minutes from Heredia center (probably 35 min. from San Jose) and as cute as can be.  It’s landscaped beautifully with tall tropical trees, that shade acres of coffee.  The staff are incredibly well-trained and extremely nice and helpful.  The coffee tour experience is one of a kind, almost like a Disney experience, with tour guide/actors who give a seamlessly bilingual 1.5 hr complete with costumes, coffee samples and a walk through the plantation.  If you’re in or around San Jose and considering taking a coffee tour, the Britt experience is one of a kind (not to mention that the coffee is outstanding)!

I’m headed there this afternoon, so check back for a picture or two!

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