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This week is a big deal in Latin America.  a BIG deal.  It’s Holy Week…and they celebrate all week long.  Many schools get the whole week off (their version of Spring Break, I guess), and the corporate world (maybe I should say working world…don’t know what I’d call corporate here) always gets Thursday and Friday off and many take Tuesday and Wednesday.  And it’s party all week long.  Everyone, and I mean everyone heads to the beach.  The city is empty (and I’m LOVIN it…San Jose with no traffic is a much happier place).  Stores set up displays of beer, coolers, chips and grills…sound familiar?  It’s like Memorial Day weekend or 4th of July..everyone is off, and everyone loves this week.

All week long there have been fireworks (in Latin America anything of importance is celebrated with fireworks…all year long), and processions.  It’s always interesting to watch another culture celebrate their holidays.  The processions go from one Catholic church to another, usually carrying some kind of image of Mary or Jesus or both  As the procession passes, people join the tail end, and when it finishes it has 10x as many people as when it started.

Here’s a shot from the small procession that our neighborhood did a few nights ago.

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