down river

Last weekend Josue and I fiiiiiiiiinaly got the chance to take a lil trip we’ve been planning (or trying to plan) since last October.  Yeah…forever ago.  After our months of trying to find dates that would work, we eventually made it town to visit my cousin and her family that live here.  Betsy is a distant cousin who I just met for the first time last summer, and she’s married to a Tico (aka Costa Rican) named Ricardo!  We had a blast hanging out with them and their two daughters.  We spent one day on their beautiful property of virgin forest, mango trees, lemon trees, and one of the most beautiful rivers I’ve ever seen.  And we spent the next day at the beach.  My kind of vacation.

My favorite part?  is it obvious?  …the river.  I love mountains and rivers…more than I love the beach.  And our day at the river?  It was perfect.  Sunny and warm with a light breeze.  And the river water was cool and clear and so refreshing.  As we sat contently between gigantic boulders, we conversed with the background noise of the jungle.  The wind rustled through the trees, monkeys called out, birds sang, and the river whispered as the water worked its way around and over the rocks.

And yes.   I’ll be returning ASAP.  Or possibly moving there next week.

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