the sky

There’s something so magical, so beautiful and awe-inspiring about the sky.  The height and vastness is beyond what my mind can grasp, and I find that so comforting.  I could lay for hours and watch the clouds float by, or the stars twinkle.  Sometimes, when I stare at the night sky for too long it seems that more stars appear and it seems to shine even brighter.  Sometimes when life feels like a little too much, and I allow busyness and stress to get the best of me, the best medicine is a few minutes under the open sky.  When I was in college, I used to escape to an adorable little park and sit on the swings and look up at the sky, and in the peace and quiet of the night, under the shining stars, my worries evaporated.

I thought maybe we could all use a little dose of sky, and though I’m acutely aware that a picture can’t do it justice, this sky recently captured my attention and I wanted to share.

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