I’m dreaming of a TV kitchen…

Sometimes when I cook, I imagine what it would be like to have one of those TV kitchens, you know, like Rachael Ray and Giada have?  Stocked with every appliance and dish imaginable, all in coordinating colors.  So today I’m dreaming of my dream kitchen and I thought I’d invite you to join me.  And if you so desire, please feel free to buy me any of these things.  :)

First things first, how much cooking can a girl be expected to do without an adorable apron like this one?  (from Anthropologie…get it here)

pin thisAnd this lovely, tiffany’s blue KitchenAid stand mixer…(I can just imagine how much easier that cheesecake I made yesterday would have been…)

pin this3. A dutch oven (preferably be Le Creuset, and preferably a beautiful, bright color)

pin this4. Garlic Chopper…need I even explain why?  so my hands don’t smell like garlic for days?  so I don’t have to spend ages trying to perfectly dice the garlic…

pin this5. mmm…a food processor.  Just think of all the things you could use it for!  homemade peanut butter, hummus, salsa…

pin this6. These awesome beautiful mixing bowls recommended by Deb of Smitten Kitchen would be a great addition to my cabinets!

pin this7. Ceramic egg crate for all the eggs I bring home from the farmer’s market.  yes, oh yes.

pin this

I feel obligated to make this list of at least 10 things but this one is going to stay at 7.  There are many more things to add to my dream kitchen, and I’ll blog them as they come to me!

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  • Catalina - Susiiiii….seria lo maximo un programa tuyo de tele, tu cara es dem fotogénica para verla en tele. Por qué no hacer videos con un canal a youtube? Así cuando te vea Foodnetwork o Cooking channel (el nuevo) se enamora y te contrata jiji