one of my favorite things

As I typed that title I remembered my favorite things page on here…I’ll have to see if this is listed.

This beautiful, creamy, spicy, deep yellow, incredibly addictive favorite food of mine.  Beer Cheese.  If you aren’t from Kentucky you may not have heard of it.  If you ever go to Kentucky you absolutely MUST try it.  It’s good with crackers.  Or carrots. Or pretzels.  Or bread.  Or anything else you might possibly consider eating a spread on.  It’s snack heaven…so good you’ll forget all about the calories.

I’ve loved it since I was a child.  My mom used to worry when she packed it my lunch what the teachers would think if they knew she was sending her 5 year old beer cheese.  (Don’t worry, my parent’s didn’t give me alcohol as a child, since beer cheese is cooked the alcohol evaporates out just leaving a hint of beer flavor in the cheese dip).

My mom just sent me a tub of it.  It’s been in my fridge less than 48 hours and it is more than half way gone.  In fact it’s all I want to eat.  Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Thank you, Mr. Hall, for making my life better.

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  • Karina - I waana try it!!!