paper crust pizza

Sounds fancy, right?  You might imagine paper thin, crispy, golden pizza crust accompanied by the perfect ration of pizza sauce to toppings.

That would have been nice.  But this is real life.

We make pizza pretty often…maybe like once a week, or every two weeks.  And we’re pretty good at it.  Homemade everything…crust and sauce.  And the sauce, we are kinda awesome at.  The crust, we are kinda mediocre at.  And we all know, that mediocre pizza crust is not acceptable.  So we try something new every time.  A new recipe or a new method.  This time I read a recipe online for thin crust pizza that called for it to be rolled out and baked on parchment paper.  In fact, do be quite exact, the food blog said the following:

“Note: The dough will stick to the parchment paper, making it easier for you to roll out. You’ll bake the pizza right on the parchment paper. As it cooks, the dough will release from the parchment, and you can slide the paper out before serving.”

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Well, something went wrong.  Either (a) that above is a lie, or (b) I somehow did that wrong.  And I obviously don’t ever do anything wrong, so the conclusion is obvious.

So as it turned out, the pizza stuck quite terribly to the parchment paper.  They kinda became one in the oven.  One nice, crispy, waxy, thin, papery crust pizza.  We tried and tried, sweating heavily as we leaned over the pizza, to remove the paper, but were unsuccessful.  In the end, we laughed, and we ate our wax paper pizza, praying that the parchment wouldn’t do too much damage to our stomachs.  Because we aren’t perfect people.  And we most certainly don’t make perfect pizza.

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  • JulieP - So, question? Do you just ROLL the pizza dough out on parchment paper, then remove and bake? That seems more likely! :)

  • Echo - HAHA I probably would have thrown the pizza away and said lets order one instead! Props for you for being a good wife and trying :)

  • Sandra Marlowe - Two words: more flour. (Less sticky, less paper to eat…maybe.) Alton Brown would have the food chemistry solution to this mystery. I laughed out loud at your story, and loved that you ate it anyway!