300 and counting!

We hit 300!  300 comments, that is!  Time to celebrate!  No, but seriously, I don’t know if you know this, but I LOVE it when people comment.  I love the feedback, and the small connection I feel in this big cold world that is the internet.  It warms my little heart.  All of you silent blog readers out there…you, in Pakistan, and you in Australia (yes, I know about you…google analytics tells all)…please comment.  I want to know you!  Let’s be friends.  And celebrate that we hit 300!

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these balloons actually come from my current design project…any thoughts?  Would they make a good anniversary card?

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  • Anna R. - Congrats Sus! Your photography is amazing, just like you : )

  • Susannah - Thanks so much, Anna! Glad you stopped by the blog :)

  • Emily - Me in Las Vegas LOVES your blog!

  • Kim - Susannah, your blog is the first place I head to after checking my email every day. The only time it doesn’t make me smile is when there is no new post. Love you!

  • Jessi - guess who’s finally engaged?! your little boy scout reader! love the blog, love you two, and can’t wait to meet up with you guys in the KY this summer :)

  • Susannah - Jessi! CONGRATS!!!! I’m so so soooo excited for you! Let’s talk in a few weeks and get together for some pictures!

  • Jen Creed - Love it!