la luna

Last night as we drove home from the movies (saw Ironman 2…and kinda loved it) we saw the most beautiful, huge moon hanging low over San Jose.  We were exhausted.  In pieces, barely awake enough to drive home, but we couldn’t not take pictures of that awesome moon!  When we got home we promptly hopped out of the car, grabbed our cameras, and set up outside our apartments.  Our awesome guard, Claudio, turned off all the lights for us, and let us shoot away.  Sadly, the pictures weren’t a great success, but it was a beautiful night under a beautiful sky in a very beautiful place.  And it just make me grateful, once again, for all we have been given.  This life, this love, our business, our home…we are so blessed to love what we do and love what God is doing in us.

Here’s a shot that I kinda like from last night taken by my awesome hubby…it has an interesting feel!

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  • Sandra Marlowe - Ooh, I like that pic. Way to go, Josue!

  • Jen Creed - *two thumbs up*