my parsley garden

Remember how I have the cutest little herb garden?  That I posted about here?  Well, I love it!  I love cooking a meal with fresh herbs, and the aroma that fills the kitchen.  However, life has been so busy and consuming lately that my herb garden has suffered a little.  The parsley started to look like the end had come…It lost almost half of its lovely, tall green stalks and looked quite wilty.

However, this morning, when I went to water it, I noticed that it was looking a bit healthier…more robust.  When I scooted a little closer I made two observations.  In that wee little parsley pot are now growing two new species of plant…or weed.  One is a delicate looking clover (weed, I think?) and the other, I have not the slightest clue!  It warmed my heart.  And when I picked one  sweet little clover to take with me, I noticed that a clover is merely made up of perfectly shaped little green hearts!  How did I never notice it!  How many more sweet little details did God hide in nature?

Makes me want to walk a little slower, breathe a little deeper and look a little closer.

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  • Hannah Stone - Heart shaped leaves — what wonderful details — how great a God!