R.I.P. beloved ceramic pitcher

Remember this looooooovely pitcher?  That we use for eveeeeeeeerything?  Like flowers, and punch, lemonade, and iced tea?pin this

Well, it met it’s end this week in our freezer.

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My sweet hubby was making some fantastic homemade iced blueberry green tea.  And he loves it so much that he can’t wait for it to cool off in the fridge so he puts it in the freezer.  And sometimes he forgets it.  For an hour or so.  But 24 hours was a few too many.

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Maybe an ice maker would be a nice addition to our lives.

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  • Kim - Sooo sorry. I hate it when my favorites are lost. :-(

  • Kim - Sooo sorry. I hate losing one of my favorites. :-(

  • Hannah Stone - good thing you REALLY love that hubby of yours more than your vase!