a french press kind of life

I glance up at Josue and ask him if he wants coffee and his eyes light up.  I didn’t really need to ask.  Then I glance across the kitchen at the sparkling white, clean coffee maker and think twice.

After all that time spent scrubbing it this morning, do I really want to use it now?  I mean, how often does a coffee maker get a good, deep clean?  Almost never.  I should at least give it a day of shiny glory.

Then my eyes turn to the top of our refrigerator (a.k.a. kitchen storage) and, surely enough, nestled amongst dusty casserole dishes and plastic dinnerware is the French Press.  The French Press!

I stood on my tippy-toes to grab it from the fridge, and dusted it off with my shirt.  How long has it been since I last used it?  Probably the last time I blogged about it…in OCTOBER!

I excitedly grind some coffee beans of then amazingly tasty Organic Shade Grown Coffee by Cafe Britt, and boil some water to make the coffee.pin this

Pour the cup.

A pinch of sugar and a dollop of cream.

A sip.

pin this

<insert long, content sigh>

And like that, I remember.

I remember how coffee from a French Press is at least 10 times better than from a coffee pot.  I remember how, if I’m willing to give the extra few moments, how much more enjoyable my cup of coffee can be.

And it makes me want to live that way!  I want to live the kind of life that takes a few minutes to make French Press coffee instead of coffee pot coffee; the kind of life that takes many deep breaths (the good kind), smells all the flowers along the way, and appreciates every moment and every season.

Yes, I want to live a French Press kind of life.

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  • Kim - “A French Press kind of life” – I LOVE IT. Your mom gave me my first French press many years ago and I have had one ever since. The coffee truly does taste so much better and the ritual involved with making it sometimes seems almost magical.